Kudan Sabha Griha: Your Premier Conference Venue

Versatile and Modern Facilities

  • Our conference room, Kudan Sabha Griha, is equipped with the latest amenities catering to various events.
  • Be it workshops, conferences, product launches, or business meetings, our facilities provide the perfect setting for your event.

Spacious and Comfortable Seating

  • With theater-style seating, our conference room can comfortably accommodate over 100 people.
  • Kudan Sabha Griha is conveniently located above our central dining hall, making it easily accessible for all attendees.

State-of-the-Art Multimedia Equipment

  • Our conference room has advanced multimedia equipment, ensuring smooth presentations and engagements.
  • Audio-visual facilities are also available to enhance the quality of your presentations further.

Enhance Your Event with Our Natural Surroundings

  • Our picturesque natural surroundings and open spaces offer a refreshing alternative for breakout groups.
  • Utilize these spaces to add a unique touch to your event and create memorable experiences.

Combine Modernity with Serenity

  • At Kudan Sabha Griha, you can fully utilize our modern facilities to achieve your goals, while enjoying the tranquility of our serene location.
  • Let us enhance the dignity and value of your event with our unparalleled service and location.

Your Ideal Venue for Celebrations and Events

Versatile Spaces for a Variety of Functions

  • Our central dining hall, open space, and tree avenue are adaptable to any event—from weddings to corporate gatherings.
  • Kudan Sabha Griha's versatile spaces can be tailored to suit your event’s specific requirements.

Customisable Lighting, Sound, and Decor

  • We can arrange additional lighting effects, sound systems, and decorations per your booking.
  • We understand that each event is unique and are committed to making your vision come to life.

Ample Parking Space

  • Our private parking area can accommodate up to 100 small cars or twenty buses.
  • This ample space ensures that all your guests can conveniently and securely park their vehicles during the event.

Bring Your Celebrations to Life with Kudan Sabha Griha

  • Celebrate your milestones and special moments in our unique and captivating venue.
  • At Kudan Sabha Griha, we are dedicated to making your event memorable.

Chairman's Bungalow: A Unique Meeting Room Experience

Transformable Space

  • With advance notice and based on availability, our Chairman's Bungalow can be transformed into a unique and private meeting room.
  • This space offers a more intimate and personalised meeting environment for those special discussions or brainstorming sessions.

Private and Professional

  • Being away from the main building ensures a quieter, more focused meeting setting.
  • The Chairman's Bungalow is designed to facilitate professional discussions while providing a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Advance Booking Required

  • To ensure the availability of the Chairman's Bungalow, please make your reservations in advance.
  • We are committed to meeting your needs and making your meeting experience as productive and enjoyable as possible.


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