Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at Lumbini Buddha Garden

Upholding Social Justice and Rights

The Lumbini Buddha Garden champions social justice, rights, and nature conservation by supporting civil societies and non-profit organisations. We are proud supporters of Himalayan Nature and AutismCare Nepal Society, standing firmly for the rights of all people, irrespective of their sexual orientation or abilities.

Our Experience and Commitment

As a seasoned team managing hospitality entities in Nepal, we've gained a wealth of experience from similar places within Nepal and beyond. The organisations we support uphold robust social and conservation ethics, operating to minimise impact on the natural environment.

Recommended Eco-Lodges

We endorse two other eco-lodges: the Koshi Wildlife Camp, nestled near the renowned Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in eastern Nepal, and the Shuklaphanta Wildlife Camp, located in far-west Nepal, celebrated for its tigers, leopards, elephants, and diverse deer species. These eco-lodges in natural landscapes offer basic amenities for experiencing nature, providing excellent bird-watching and wildlife observation opportunities.

Excellence in Hospitality at Lumbini Buddha Garden

While Lumbini hosts numerous hotels, the Lumbini Buddha Garden (LBG) stands out as the epitome of excellence in hospitality. Some budget hotels may fail to meet visitor expectations, leading to disappointing memories of Lumbini. Visitors must receive special treatment, ensuring they thoroughly enjoy their stay.

If you're seeking accommodation in Lumbini, we invite you to consider the Lumbini Buddha Garden. Choosing the right hotel from many options can be challenging, but our establishment consistently delivers in terms of ambience, environment, friendly staff, cleanliness, food and drink quality, and accommodation.

Here's a positively toned rewrite of the statement:

We encourage our guests to choose accommodations that enhance their personal experience and contribute positively to the individual hotel's reputation and the locale's overall image. Choose quality eco-lodges for the best experience!


Contact Us

Should you wish to learn more about us and the entities we support, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We would be delighted to provide additional information.

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