Buddhism, founded in North India, is not a religion in the strict sense but more a system of philosophy and a code of morality. Buddhism is now practised in all the major countries of the world but predominantly in Japan, Taiwan, China, Sri Lanka, Indo-Chinese countries, India, China and Nepal.

Buddhism is founded in principle of Ahimsa (no killing) and is very simple to practice. Buddhism seldom criticises others, does not claim superiority over others, has no fundamentalists, and easily co-exists with any other type of philosophy and religion. As a result of this, Buddhism is increasingly favoured in a confused and troubled world where materialistic values are given the highest priority. As an example to this, many people in the west and especially in the United States have now started following Buddhism.

Within Buddhism one can practice Yoga and meditation, which are considered by Buddhists to be ways of purifying the mind and soul.

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