A place like no others at Lumbini

I visited Lumbini Buddha Garden early on in 2007 when it had a noble start with six rooms only. The place was full with nature and it preserved a tiny patch of grassland in the centre. The vegetation was rather thick and insect life flourished every where. Then I was deputed for supporting a local conservation organisation to train on ideas of displays, drama and nature songs. Nearly 12 years after I visited the place again with my family this time. I found the place in many ways totally changed! To my surprise many of the surrounding villages had become almost unrecognisable. Driving to Lumbini I was thinking how things had changed where I spent nearly 3 weeks as part of my subbatical work.

The Lodge had transformed compared to what it was then, but had still preserved many of the excellent qualities of its beginning. Nature was still in the centre of the development (one dozen additional rooms had been added since) and although some wildlife habitat had shrunk even here, the place is still like no others at Lumbini. We had originally planned just one night but ended up extending additional two days as my 8 yrs old daughter liked the place so much and insisted!

I was asked by the management to write my personal views about the lodge and without doubt I highly recommend the place to all. I specially encourage the people that live in Kathmandu that its truly an oasis of nature in Lumbini. A place one must visit.


--Angelina Clarke, Ontario, Canada

Lumbini Buddha Garden

Telar River, Parsa Chauraha Lumbini, Rupandehi

+977-71-404004, 977 9851198328(24 HOURS)

Kathmandu Address

PO Box 10918, Musu Marg, Chabahil Ganeshsthan
Kathmandu, Nepal

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Email: info@lumbinibuddhagarden.com

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