Sunil's Inspiring Journey: From Novice to Manager at Lumbini Buddha Garden

The Humble Beginnings

Nearly a decade ago, Sunil, a young enthusiast, set foot in Lumbini Buddha Garden (LBG) as a fresh recruit. His initial days were filled with learning and adapting to the work culture of the resort. His commitment to learning and hard work shone through, and after two enriching years at LBG, he sought new opportunities in Malaysia, hoping for better earnings.

The Malaysian Interlude: A Time of Growth

The stint in Malaysia, while financially rewarding, brought with it stringent work conditions. Sunil found himself standing for over eight hours each day, grappling with homesickness and longing for the camaraderie he left behind. After two demanding years, he decided to return home to Nepal.

The Homecoming to Lumbini Buddha Garden: A New Chapter

Upon his return, Sunil's heart led him back to LBG - a place that had always felt like home. His experiences in Malaysia had not only deepened his understanding of hard work and determination, but also instilled in him a newfound appreciation for LBG's work environment.

From Barman to Resort Manager: A Testament to Dedication

Sunil's skills as a specialist barman, particularly his expertise in crafting delightful cocktails and mocktails, were only the beginning of his growth story at LBG. His dedication, unparalleled work ethic, and exceptional customer service skills did not go unnoticed. Recognizing his potential, the resort management promoted him to the position of Manager.

Sunil's promotion is a testament to his unwavering commitment to LBG and its guests. His keen attention to detail, ability to anticipate guests' needs, and aptitude for fostering a positive work environment have been instrumental in his rise to Manager. Sunil's journey is a wonderful narrative of perseverance and passion, a story that continues to inspire the Lumbini Buddha Garden team.

During your visit to Lumbini Buddha Garden, do take a moment to meet Sunil. His story, much like his cocktails, is sure to leave a lasting impression.


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