My Experience in LBG

We all very well recognize Lumbini as a place that is far away from the city area out of all of the hectic road noises and busy people. It's peaceful, surrounded with greenery and is easily gratifying. As I travelled from Kathmandu to Lumbini with my family, we were on our Dashain vacation and we really needed a place that had an outdoor and some private area where we could feel comfortable and peaceful at the same time. It's really hard to find hotels and resorts that is safe, nice and peaceful open outdoors with nice management. It was all difficult until we came across Lumbini Buddha Garden. It was very beautiful, we stayed here during the autumn-winter time which is probably the best weather you would have in Lumbini. The land area is very open and extremely well maintained. We were very excited to get our luggage and couldn't wait to see our rooms that we’d be staying in. We stayed in the huts, our rooms were really AC’d and we felt secure. We also had a whole garden to ourselves which made us even more excited than we already were. The surrounding was insanely beautiful with all the bamboo and sissoo and khair trees. The dinner was very delightful and luscious, we did not expect this amount of satisfaction as we got, and we were so happy with the management and peacefulness in the place. On our second day of our stay in this lodge we had a visit to several Buddhist temples and monasteries which felt extremely good. It felt like all my stresses were lifted off and all my worries were gone. It made us feel good and filled with positivity with a very active freshened mind. After we came back, we had lunch and napped in our rooms. Then i decided to take a dip in the hot tub, which was the best decision I made that day. It was so relaxing! Later on, that night, we had a barbeque night and we campfired marshmallows, corn and potatoes. Unfortunately, we had to leave the next day for our flight to Pokhara but I wish I could go back and travel again, and explore more things in the place. It was really good, and I recommended this place to all of my friends that were traveling to Lumbini. I cannot wait for the next time I visit the lodge again. It was so nice being there and next time I am definitely staying longer and enjoying my days here in nature and this beautiful place away from all the messy and hectic Kathmandu environment.

-(received from a student on vacation with family to our place)

Lumbini Buddha Garden

Telar River, Parsa Chauraha Lumbini, Rupandehi

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