Rejuvenation after pandemic


Lumbini Buddha Garden prepares healing guests from the pandemic

"We will do whatever it takes to keep our guests safe and healthy"—Sharad Singh, Director

As the government has started easing the lockdown, we are preparing for our place to open. This brief note gives our guests a snapshot of what actions are in place to keep visitors to LBG safe and healthy.

Although government of Nepal has put strict guidelines on health and safety, but we will go further and introduce our own safety measures complying the government rules but stepping up a step. Our managers and supervisors are trained on how to handle a possible coronavirus outbreak among guests. They have been given various health and safety tips during the lockdown and as we prepare for opening.

Sanitizer spots are kept in seven places within the complex, four in dining area, two in the living complexes and one in the parking. Every staff attends daily health and safety briefings conducted by designated health and safety focal point for update and sharing. We also have a doctor on standby and will reach us in 30 minutes if required.

Reception desks are moved outdoors, and we will limit check-in queues to prevent too many people gathering in the same place. 

We have created an open bar outside the dining, in addition to one in the dining to avoid congestion. Drinkers once they get drinks will be moving to their own tables and not hang around the bars.
Dining tables are set to accommodate maximum of four people only (children exempt, larger family living as one also exempt). Larger groups will be requested for an outdoor dining where only 2 persons use one table. Food served in buffets, will be placed under protective acrylic screens known as sneeze guards. We are encouraging guests to order ala carte menu.

We promote individual chalets for maximizing safety of guests. For families we can also use smaller unit of accommodation with multiple rooms. We have three such units that have separate accommodation. Our rooms are made empty for three days between guests, allowing them to be aired out. This also means we are running on the 1/3rd of our capacity in operating rooms. We have finished removing all non-essential decorative items, such as cushions and magazines from rooms but also the dining halls.

We have a large open spaced garden which is an ideal place to stroll around and exercise avoiding close contact and maintain social distancing. Sanitizers are available in the garden area.

We serve inside the dining also as long as we do not feel they are not too crowded and tables/chairs are sufficiently distanced from each other.

Due to the extra measures put for maintaining our best health and safety standards, we will not be able to reduce our price. But we are happy to operate at the same price as we did last year which we are sure you will appreciate. We can be cheaper but that will put your health in jeopardy, the last thing we want to do.


Space, greenery and individual chalets make LBG the ideal place of recovery after the pandemic

Nepal has strengthened its brand in terms of hospitality and safety, in addition to the in-borne generosity and love of life that visitors associate with our country. It’s an identity that Nepal must now build on as it looks to reap what it can from the current tourism season and, of course, prepare for next year.

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