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Covid19 Pandemic was a very hard way for many of us to make realize that our values and duties are deeply rooted to nature. We were forced to come back to the basics! We all come to the earth, live in some way or other and then one day we depart forever. When we are gone, we are mostly remembered for our good work that are left behind, some legacy for others to see, admire and enjoy! We are a forgetful animal though, continue to repeat same mistakes again and again. And of course also forget at one point of time what we went through. In any case even for a short period, in not the nicest way, we have been told that nobody is above the mother earth and nature she has created.

Photo: This is one of our most admired photos of the nature. How often do you reckon that a google search can produce such photos as most admired by human? Most human-admired photos are of human-kind and man-made structures. But nature does not care what we do, she knows that she is impeccable and most beautiful.

Modern days have seen significant rise of eco-friendly lodges, businesses operating in a more environment-friendly manners and tours/treks in socially responsible ways. Travel industry is the first of such industries to appreciate nature at its best. Five dozen interesting combination of words have been there in the market to describe these unique efforts. Before the pandemic hit the world, tourism had come to be the world's fastest growing number one industry. Obviously for a country like Nepal, it would seem the only sustainable industry and one that pays dividends.

In a highly competitive world to sell their products and places, we are obviously way behind. We are now trying our best to show the spaces left for nature in our gardens and our love to the water, air, biodiversity in all means and the love for human-kind as a whole. At this juncture of life when we are thinking value and behaviour of humankind more than ever, we would like to update what's happening in Lumbini Buddha Garden:

  • Ours is the largest semi-natural garden among hotels in Lumbini. We are rich with over 300 species of flowering plants that scatter around our gardens. More than 200 species of birds visit our garden or can be seen in a short stay at right time of the year.
  • Continue to farm organic produce including herbs, vegetables, fruits and plant-products.

Photos: Smaller ground water recharge stations with 30 wells

  • A scheme of ground-water recharge has started. We are the first hotel in Nepal who are following such innovative environmental concern. In total 30 wells, six feet deep and four feet wide filled with gravel/sand mixture are to be scattered around the property. This facilitates water reaching the depth quicker and deeper into the soil. The wells help accumulate water in one place, reducing the surface run-off and finally help recharge. Five such wells have been already complete, additional 25 wells are under way for set up. A large pond (150ftx70ft, photo given) is our largest water recharge station. Other time it acts as a water reservoir for us in times of emergency as well as serves aquatic life.



Photo: Our largest ground-water recharge pond

  • Its reasonable for a sensible guest to wonder where our wastewater from kitchen and bathroom end up. Wastewater from washbasin, showers and kitchens are piped through and released in several fat traps and soaking pits. Currently we have experimental outlet of the filtered water through a pile of sand/gravel/charcoal is now above ground seeping through the Phragmites reeds. We are improving our experience here, to give back the nature what we took –in almost similar form and purity. If you have any idea and can help please share with us.

Photo: One of the fat traps for the kitchen water

  • Toilet waste is currently fed to a tank that is half septic and half soak pit. This is piped through a 4" UPVC pipe underground with more than two dozen junction traps before reaching the 10 septic tanks and 10 soak tanks.


Photo: Smaller junction trap and larger septic tank/soak tank with divided chambers

  • We value our biodegradable waste and make compost from these as well as the vast amount of leaf-litters we collect within the property. Biodegradable waste is collected from kitchen and visitors. We treat organic waste in five large natural pits in rotating shifts—so that each of the pits have enough time to decompose. Every year, the compost is used to feed vegetables, fruits and trees. These products in turn reach the dining table of our guests as purely organic grown items. We make our guests healthier when they visit us!
  • The founders of Lumbini Buddha Garden are deeply committed social workers and environmental conservationists. We continue supporting charities like Himalayan Nature and AutismCare Nepal Society. Please write to us should you wish to know about their charitable work.
  • We do not spray chemicals that are toxic, and persist in environment for longer period. When we have to use these –its only indoors. We observe 'zero tolerance' on use of chemicals in our free environment. We promote quickly-degrading short-chain chemicals and bio-pesticides where we have to, and where choices are available.

With all the above in our responsible and eco-friendly operations, we would still like you to know why our property is uniquely different than the rest, suitable for post-pandemic period for your visit:

Photo: Individual chalet featuring at Lumbini Buddha Garden. These give comfort and privacy, good for health and safety!

  • Outdoor eating areas at times you choose to eat
  • Individual cabins for accommodation
  • Family accommodation, organic food serving
  • Walking trails for light exercise
  • Outdoor resting areas
  • Bird watching and 'being in the nature' feeling within the property

Photo: Guest takes advantage of the open space, light exercise always good for our mind and body. On the background is a complex with 12 rooms—all independent of each other.

  • Large semi-natural garden where plenty of space to be physically spaced and stroll around

Photo: Evening sun adieu's goodbye by the larger Simal trees and a clump of bamboo at LBG

After the lock down ends, our resort will re-open for any interested guests or individual travelers to stay at our property. Please write to or contact at 9851100566 / 9851198328. Stay safe and take care.


Yours truly,

The Management Team

Lumbini Buddha Garden





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